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​ Included w/ Your Service:


  • Tenant Management  Tenant screening and selection.  Lease agreement drafting and management.  Handling move-ins and move-outs.


  • Rent Collection and Financial Management:  Timely rent collection.  Bookkeeping and financial reporting.  Budget creation and management.


  • Property Maintenance:  Regular property inspections.  Coordination of repairs and maintenance.  Emergency response and resolution.


  • Tenant Relations:  Communication with tenants.  Handling complaints and concerns.  Conflict resolution.


  • Legal Compliance:  Ensuring adherence to fair housing laws.  Handling eviction procedures when necessary.  Staying updated on local regulations.


  • Marketing and Advertising:  Advertising vacant properties.  Conducting property showings.  Marketing strategies for property leasing.


  • Strategic Planning:  Advising on market trend.  Pricing strategies and adjustments.  Developing long-term property plans.


  • Risk Management:  Insurance coordination.  Identifying and mitigating risks.  Emergency planning and response.


  • Technology Integration:  Implementing property management software.  Utilizing online platforms for efficient communication.  Embracing tech solutions for streamlined operations.


  • Financial Analysis:  Analyzing property performance.  Providing recommendations for financial improvement.  Cost-benefit analysis for property enhancements.

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